Audio Restoration

With experience of more than 20 years in the professional audio archiving industry, Sébastien offers a scanning service for audio files at unbeatable prices!

In order to offer you quality work worthy of the best professional studios, your audio files will be treated individually, case by case and with the greatest of care.

Audio restoration information

How does this apply to you? Well it is common to hear people saying they rediscovered a cardboard box in their cellar or loft containing old vinyl that is dear to them and that they would like to hear again, enabling them to recapture their youth.

Or how about those famous tape compilations that we all did before leaving on holidays? Or the old tape recordings of your ancestors, proud to use their first tape recorder? These recording devices are now considered heavy and bulky and perhaps they are no longer working or maybe they ended up at the flea market last summer or the humidity of the cellar has damaged them! This is where Sébastien can help you.

Together we will take the time to discuss your expectations in order to complete the project to your satisfaction and allow you to safeguard your sounds and memories.

  • An expert analysation and quote of your collection
  • Professional digitization
  • Sound restoration
  • Mechanical restoration
  • Transfer of your old audio into a modern and durable media
  • Documentation adapted to your needs

Sébastien invites you to contact him without delay!

  • Magnetic tapes (all formats)
  • Audio cassettes
  • Micro-cassettes
  • Mini cassettes
  • LP recordings 33 RPM / 45 RPM
  • 78 RPM Disks
  • Compact Discs (CD)
  • Mini Discs (MD)
  • Digital Audio Tapes (DAT)

Special sources on request ...

  • Now - Contracting (magnetic tape expert and studio coordinator) at Memnon Archiving Services (Brussels) for many renowned institutions (BBC, INA, National Library of France, Queen Elisabeth International Musical Competition of Belgium, SONUMA, International Olympic Committee, Danish Radio, RTL, M6, CERN, etc.)

  • 2023 - Audio cassettes - Digitization of audio cassettes for the Radio-Television of the French Community of Belgium (RTBF) as part of a retrospective on the famous Belgian singer, Yves Duteil
  • 2022 - Magnetic tapes - Digitization of an important collection of recordings for the Archives and Museum of Literature (Bibliothèque Royale Albert Ier) as part of the preservation and transmission mission for the French-spoken literary heritage in Belgium
  • 2021 - Vinyls 33T - Digitization of an important collection of microgroove records (33RPM) for the the Royal Library of Belgium (KBR) as part of a thematic exhibition on the famous Belgian harmonica player, Toots Thielemans
  • 2021 - Magnetic tapes & audio cassettes - Digitization of a private collection of rare recordings from the heritage of an endangered Maya people (Mexico)
  • 2020 - Magnetic tapes & audio cassettes - Digitization of various private recordings

  • 2019 - Magnetic tapes, vinyls 33RPM/45RPM, audio cassettes & digital files - Digitization of various private recordings (1970’s-1990's). Audio restoration of a witness tape for trial

  • 2018 - Audio Cassettes - Digitization of an important collection of testimonies for the Museum of Moroccan Jewish Art in Brussels (1980's - 1990's). Available for reference here

  • 2017 - Magnetic tapes & LP/45RPM/78RPM discs - Internal consultant as expert in audio digitization on behalf of Memnon Archiving Services in Dubaï (United Arab Emirates)

  • 2017 - Magnetic tapes & LP/45RPM/78RPM discs - Project manager as expert in audio digitization on behalf of Memnon Archiving Services in Havana (Cuba)

  • 2017 - Magnetic tapes, LP/78RPM discs, audio cassettes, etc. - Digitization of various private recordings (1970's)

  • 2016 - Magnetic tapes - Digitization of sound archives (concerts, radios, interviews, etc.) by Michel Polnareff. Private collection

  • 2015 - Magnetic tapes, LP/78RPM discs, audio cassettes, etc. - Digitization of various private recordings

  • 2014 - Magnetic tapes, mini-cassettes, micro-cassettes, 78RPM discs & audio cassettes - Digitization of an important collection from the Archives of the European Commission (1970's - 1980's) for a thematic exhibition in Italy

  • 2013 - Magnetic tapes, LP/78RPM discs, audio cassettes, etc. - Digitization of various private recordings (1970's)

  • 2012 - Magnetic tapes & 78RPM discs - Digitization of the entire private collection of the Belgian composer René Costy for a reissue on a worldwide scale. Some excerpts here. Complete collection here

  • 2003 to 2010 - Magnetic tapes, discs & audio cassettes - Digitization of various private recordings (1950's - 1970's)

  • 2002 - Magnetic tapes - Digitization of student song recordings (1950's) for the Université Libre de Bruxelles


Any request will initially be analysed by an expert in order to determine the time, costs (systematic preliminary estimate) and the methods that must be implemented to meet your expectations.

Tarif Rates (*): 
Studio hours (**)50€ / h
Full day rate (7hrs)300€ / j


Extras (*) 

(from 1/12 > 31/12/2023)

Hours+ (>8h)30€


Exceptional management (mechanical restoration, assembly, chemical degradation, etc.)25€ fee + 10€ per support


External Studio Location (***)50€ / h


External Studio Location (7h) (***)300€ / d


CD / DVD copy (master)20€ / piece


Copie supplémentaire (copy)10€ / piece


USB copy10€ + purchase price of storage media


HDD copy25€ + purchase price of storage media


Download link (7d validity)free


Download link (day+)5€ / d


(*) All prices excluding V.A.T.

(**) Including : studio rental, sound engineer services and basic supplies.

(***) Basic indicative price, subject to acceptance by the external service provider.


(Last pricing updated : December 2023)